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Adam and his date went to prom with a good buddy of his, Marshall (and his date). Marshall was born with spina bifida. Marshall never ceases to amaze us with his humor and good attitude. Kids need to be comfortable around people with special needs because they are amazing friends and people. I LOVE this article from a mother’s perspective. A Cup of Jo

I hesitate listing this blog, because KIDS ARE THE BEST, but it is pretty hilarious and full of great stuff! CHECK OUT THE SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDE for kids and parents! AMAZING.
Kids Are the Worst

I just cleaned BETWEEN the glass on my oven door, which has been bugging me for months, and it was so easy because of THIS BLOG. She has TONS of recipes and ideas for homemade cleaners and must-know household tricks.

My Cousin Linsey is the creator of great family, seminary and group games.
Covalent Moments

My Brother John is the founder of Bread Brothers, a gourmet kitchen and store. You will LOVE their granola and much more.
Bread Brother’s Bakery

My good friend Hilary is a labor and delivery nurse with a wonderful personality that you will love on her maternity prep blog.
Pulling Curls

Parenting Children with Special Needs:
Wonder Moms

Family Entertainment at:
Studio C
Free Family Movies on-line
Inspiration is here at last! Dinner for your family will never be the same again. The Food Nanny

Awesome Mom Blogs:
71 Toes
NieNie Dialogues
A Jackson Family
A Cup of Jo
Design Mom
Wonder Moms

Babies Like

Single Parenting:


Recommended Podcasts:
Thriving in Motherhood
LDS Perspectives

High Quality Meats for wholesale prices:
Zaycon Fresh

Recipe Blogs:
The Wheat Kitchen
The Pioneer Woman

Informational Articles for Families:

Amazing Links for parents in desperation
Healthy Sleep for New and Expecting Parents
Children’s Sleep Guide

Sleep Deprived Mom
How Technology Impacts Your Sleep and What To Do About It
Lessons From the Trenches of Special Needs Parenting

7 Warning Signs Your Child May Have a Vision Problem