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Baby Online Music Class – CHOO CHOO TRAINS

Babies learn through interaction with adults, other children, and their environmental space. Music is a wonderful way:

  • to teach your child many important lessons and
  • to improve your relationship with your baby.

In these fun and easy musical experiences, all on the train theme, you will increase your child’s awareness of what is human, countering our technological society in a positive way.

CLICKETY CLACK: Exercise is important for babies just like it is for adults.
In this video I model engagement with a baby while guiding his exercise. Following their cues is very important.
Watch, listen, follow and enjoy your baby through movement and verbal play. It is very important for their mental, physical and emotional development.
LITTLE RED CABOOSE: Songs about trains are so fun.
This one, in particular, has room for a lot of play and variety. In this video I demonstrate one way to have fun with song and baby.
Babies and music go together. In this train song I am modeling a steady beat with a fun easy tune.
Interestingly enough, the composer Ralph A. Dale wrote this song while he was on a road trip with his kids in New Hampshire. This is a great car song.
I am sure you could come up with some of your own lyrics and playful sounds to add to the chorus.
Movement and socialization is important for moms and babies.
This little ditty is easy and fun! Still on the train theme.
Rocking, swinging and swaying movements provide a way to experience the beat with large, whole body muscles while at the same time provide rich stimulation to the vestibular system, which is the body’s center of balance and movement.
Lullabies encourage cuddling and rocking, both of which provide emotional and developmental benefits for little ones.
Through cuddling with his/her parents, babies can enjoy a sense of security and well being.

Though these activities are geared to babies (0-12 months), they can be adapted for any age group. For more information on early childhood musical activities see these posts:

Thanks to this good baby boy and his mother for letting me use him for these instructive videos.


New River Train with Andy Griffith

New River Train with Doc Watson

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  1. These songs are very cute and it’s so fun to interact with my little one along to this music! I appreciate the videos in order to follow along and remember the words in these train themed songs. It’s also great that Kristin has written instructions and suggested movements to accompany the singing, making it a fuller experience for baby and me. 5 stars! Can’t wait for the next series of songs.

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