pitcher of lemonade with sliced lemons inside the pitcher and whole lemons outside the pitcher

Lemonade Metaphor

by Clark Shaeffer

My bestie “Nephi” and I made up a new gospel metaphor that might be overrated and maybe already thought of but we like it.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Everyone knows this phrase; but what’s to it?

Bad stuff (lemons) will always come. It rains a little bit every day. But you can turn those bad things, bitter things, into something sweet and enjoyable. 


Life is the world, others with the sole intent or purpose to ruin any good experience or life you have. 


Lemons are their weapons, motives and actions. Words you hear and bruises you allocate. Bad days and terrible weeks.


Lemonade -is what you want. Success, happiness, fulfillment, joy. Something sweet made from what’s bitter. 

But the twist – lemonade, to state the obvious, has lemons in it. Sliced up and squeezed out. It’s not something new entirely! Just add two ingredients. 


Sugar is what you like to do. Something not related to lemons at all! A good book, a new hobby, exercise, music, something that you like to do and nobody’s going to stop you. Other people always by your side. Powerful and sweet.


Water is truly the main ingredient; in lemonade it’s the most prevalent. Impossible to live without, refreshing and healthy, delicious always. Sound like anything you know?

The gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer and the scriptures, the sacrament and other ordinances, service and commandments and charity, hope, and faith – it’s the most delicious ingredient of any and all others. It’s common and everyone needs it. I cannot live without spiritual water.


Mix them all together and you’ve a sweet concoction made from a bitter base.

When life gives you lemons, collect them; squeeze them out into a container; add water and some sugar; mix well; serve lemonade cold or store in refrigerator.

When others that just want you sad, attack and shout at all that makes you happy, collect those words and actions. Analyze and meditate over their origin and context and consequence and corral them into one spiritual spot. Add the gospel of Jesus Christ and its infinite blessings, and some of the unrelated things that you like to do. Mix well. Find joy therefore in everything you do and serve it to others and remember it for later need.

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