woman praying while standing in trees. She has her hands clasped in front of her while eyes are closed and head leaning back facing heaven.

Learn How to Pray

I love this picture.

Praying is strength, wisdom, control, and love.

Of course, anyone can pray. There are many ways to do it. Some of the best prayers I have ever heard have been shared by people from a different race or culture than my own. What is most important is that we pray from the heart. This is how I pray:

How do I pray? How do I start praying? How do I improve my prayers? How do I hear God’s answers? God lives.
He has promised, “Ask and ye shall receive, Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”
This first video introduces why I want to help you improve your prayers.
Every person and family is different and every situation and day is different, so every prayer is different.
The Lord’s Prayer teaches us what elements we should include in our prayers.
I say a very short prayer as an example.
Watch the next video (#4) where I discuss the language of prayers, how I hold my hands and where I pray.
Why do some use the old words, “Thee, Thy, Thou”… and does it matter where I am or how I hold my hands when I pray?
Embarrassed to pray?
Does praying for the first time in a long time seem SCARY?
What if you don’t know if God exists?
How do you know if He heard you?

What Do You Think About Prayer?

Why do you pray?

How do you pray?

Where do you pray?

How do you detect God’s responses?

What would you tell someone if they asked, “I think praying is a crutch for the weak. I don’t need prayer”? (I would love to get your comments below.)

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