Fresh Bread Recipe Video

Do you want a pick-me-up? Some say that making bread by scratch is a labor of love. I have to agree: there is nothing quite as delicious as fresh bread straight out of the oven. During these uncertain times with all the kids in the house and more time on our hands, you may find it a perfect time to bake a loaf or two.

My grandmother, Della Johnson was a professional baker. She taught all her 4 daughters all she knew about baking and they taught their daughters, including me. Baking has been a source of healthy eating and family bonding for all of Della’s posterity. It has even resulted in other professional bakers, chefs and gourmet chefs. My sister Janet is one of these chefs (self-taught but VERY experienced), famous for her bread, french toast, and MANY other recipes.

Janet made this instructional video just for you! She explains the process simply – ANYONE can bake bread and ENJOY the warm, aromatic, delicious results. LOVE is in the air!

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