REAL Help for New Moms

A new free app, Matriarc, has been designed to help women heal their minds and bodies post-delivery. This app includes many features for new moms and is 100 percent free on Apple.

Enjoy your baby more by taking care of yourself. xoxo

Matriarc is a digital community where moms post childbirth come to heal their minds and bodies. Almost always, all attention and focus shifts from the mom to the baby once the baby is born. Matriarc was built for moms to rehabilitate their new body, calm the mind, relieve stress, and restore energy levels. Our simple-to-follow program aids in the transition of a mother’s body from pregnancy to motherhood. Joining Matriarc gives each mom a few moments to focus on themselves so they can be best mom they can be for their children and family.

Get more from your day through targeted exercise sequences specifically created for post-delivery, meditation series and educational information. Matriarc is designed to flatten your stomach, strengthen your core and rejuvenate you in just a few minutes a day. Our Basic App is completely free and it will teach you the fundamental techniques for safe physical fitness and mindfulness, and share with you important nutrition, medical, and educational information. Come join Matriarc now! Together we can create a better community of healthier and happier moms.


– Interactive media player
– Over 100 individual exercises
– 30 unique core sequences for 0-6 months post-delivery
– 30 unique core sequences for 6 months and beyond post-delivery
– Newsfeed with daily articles on motherhood, wellness, nutrition and fitness
– Forum with a community of strong moms
– Audio meditations
– Restorative images
– Breathing ring
– Tracking system for water in-take, meditation, and exercises

When I had each of my babies, I loved the new life and excitement they brought into my life, but I was tired, felt fat, and needed a friend. To expect my husband to fulfill all my needs was trouble because he didn’t know my needs and surely didn’t understand them when I had the gumption to tell him. I hope you have a supportive mom, or sister, or friend or husband. That would be great! But whether you have someone to rely on or not, you have GOT to BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND. Prayer, positive self talk, personal time, family time, lots of rest and nutritious food and exercise are necessary! Maybe Matriarc can help you along your path to wholeness. You are a better parent when you are physically, emotionally, spiritually healthy and happy.

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