Daily Routine with School Kids

Wake up, they set their own alarms (I like having classical music on in the kitchen.)
Shower, get dressed
Breakfast (They eat while I make sack lunches, this is an expression of love for me.)
Prayer together (This is hard to remember for us, but we are getting better)
Off to school


Big kids come home from school at different times depending on their after school activities
Snack and talk about their day with me/each other
Relax a little
Piano and other instrument practice
Family dinner
Kitchen jobs
Family activity or finish up on Homework
Family scripture study and prayer (We are really good at this.)
Reading time
Lights out
Mom and Dad time (SO IMPORTANT)

Life can get quite complicated when you have kids of all different ages coming and going, especially when there is more than one school involved. For a while I have a preschooler, 2 in elementary school (but in 2 different elementary schools), one in middle school and one in high school. Be calm and patient. Lower your expectations, prioritizing your goals. For me, these are essential:

Good nutrition
Prayer together
Good grades
Family dinner TOGETHER
Piano is more important than other instruments to me, unless there is a test coming up with one of those extra instruments.

So, things often get hairy. For instance, some days someone may need to stay up late (It seems that my kids junior year they are up doing homework until 11 every night for the whole year). To adjust, I may end up doing that kids’ kitchen job for them, so they can get assignments done as soon as possible and get to bed a little sooner.

One of the biggest exceptions to the norm in my family’s life is that we don’t drive around very much. We live in walking or biking distance to all three main schools, church, and even most scouting events. This saves us TONS of time and allows us to be at home more. I am so grateful for this big blessing. Our Faith also plays a huge role in our life so we have an added amount of peace and cooperation in the home because of the promised blessing from obedience to God’s commandments.

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