My Kids Bring Me Happiness

My kids are the best! That is what every parent should say. I am sure there are more “perfect kids” out there just like there SURELY are more “perfect moms” out there, but my kids are the best for me and I LOVE THEM TO PIECES!

Families are an important part lasting happiness that we all seek.

Craig P. Wilson, in his talk Lasting Happiness says, “The gospel [of Jesus Christ] teaches us that we are all created for a happiness that endures. How can more of us achieve it? Not surprisingly, what these researchers continue to discover through their studies are principles that have always been a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” CLICK HERE FOR THE WHOLE TALK. Here some of the traits that seem to be common among those who lead happy, meaningful lives:

Satisfaction with Meeting Basic Needs
“Happy people are content with having their basic needs met.”

Appreciation for Simplicity
“Even when they live in a materialistic society, happy people are not ruled by the often mistaken idea that ‘more is better’.”

Dedication to a Cause
“Happy people are involved in something they believe is bigger than themselves.”

Use of Personal Strengths
“Happy people use their personal strengths to bless the lives of others.”

Commitment to Relationships
“Happy people foster close friendships and family relationships.”

A Sense of Purpose
“Happy people focus less on transient, pleasurable pursuits and more on enduring, meaningful ones.”

“Happy people strive to become more selfless.”

“There Could Not Be a Happier People”
“Dedicated to living the gospel of Jesus Christ, the people had the love of God in their hearts, so that “there was no contention in the land” and many of the sins usually associated with this world were not found among them.”

Craig Wilson concludes, “To experience such happiness ourselves is not an unreachable ideal. As we dedicate ourselves to living the gospel of Jesus Christ, adopting righteous characteristics we observe in the lives of those who lead joyful, meaningful lives, we too can live “after the manner of happiness” (2 Nephi 5:27)—the lasting happiness that God intended for His children.”

I believe this to be truth. Raising kids applies these traits in my life. Let’s keep doing our best so we can live as God planned: happily.