teen girl praying with hands clasped

A Teen’s Personal Experience With Prayer

As a youth I learned that Heavenly Father really hears and answers teen prayers, even at Dairy Queen.

My First Real Teen Job

When I was 16 and 17 years old, I worked at the ice cream shop “Dairy Queen.”

My Problem

Even though I didn’t want to work on Sunday, because I went to church and strove to keep the Sabbath Day holy, when I accepted the Dairy Queen job, I had to agree to take an occasional turn. After working a couple Sundays I found that it was hard to remember that it was the Sabbath while I was in my uniform blending Blizzards, an activity I associated with ordinary days.

I Prayed to God

On the third occasion that I had to work on a Sunday, I prayed to Heavenly Father for help. My teen prayer went something like this, “Dear Heavenly Father, I thank Thee for my job. I am sorry that I have to work today, on Thy Holy Day. While I am working, wilt Thou please help me to remember that it is Sunday? I want to do what I can to keep this day special. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

Move Forward With Faith

While working to fill orders for a demanding crowd of hungry customers, I noticed that I had a familiar children’s hymn on my mind. I hurried about making perfect curls on top of vanilla cones. Then I noticed another and then another of my favorite children hymns going through my mind. I mentally sang as I made sundaes and Dilly Bars. Soon the first hymn returned to my mind and then the second and third. All shift long as I filled ice cream orders this playlist (before the word playlist was even a thing) of three sacred children songs played effortlessly through my mind.

God Heard Me

Upon returning home, I reflected on the phenomenon that had occurred, feeling that I had been worshipping through song all afternoon. Heavenly Father had answered my prayer. I had remembered it was Sunday. There was no way I could have maintained uninterrupted hymns on my mind without the help of a loving merciful God. He knew me and cared about my simple plea. My faith grew at that moment and has continued to grow as I have recognized His hand in my life many years since.

God Loves You

You are wonderful! Keep praying.