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Sponsored Links on Our Family Resource Page

Dear Family Service Company,

I hope you are doing well!

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I am happy to help families all around the world get linked to outstanding family service providers. Your company link can be listed on my website for a very small annual fee.

About LifeOfARealMom is a resource site with over 200 articles for parents of all ages and cultures. We pride ourselves at having an approachable, comfortable feeling on our informative website.

What is in it for you?

If you choose to list your company on our popular resource page and I approve your site, I will place your sponsored link in two places:

  • Under an index heading of your choice and
  • Within a paragraph (up to 100 words) describing the service that you offer families on our improved resource page for desperate parents.

The Index categories are:

  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Health
  • Homelessness
  • Illness – Including UP-TO-DATE CORONAVIRUS links are at the bottom of the page
  • Lack of Faith
  • Media
  • Seniors
  • Special Needs

An example is:

Link under Special Needs:

Autism Therapy Dogs

Paragraph under list of links:

Therapy dogs are dogs that are trained to provide comfort in a therapeutic context. They may be seen in nursing homes, and health care and mental health facilities. A therapy dog is also an option for people with autism because they can help encourage social interaction as well as being calming. LEARN MORE.

How to Get Listed

I review every service applicant’s website and listed page. I hold the right to refuse to list your site for any reason. I do not need to explain why I decline a site.

After your site and paragraph are accepted, I will send you the link to pay the annual fee. After receiving your payment, I will add your link and paragraph to our fantastic resource for families.

Submit your link and paragraph for approval at [email protected].

I hope you choose to promote your website on this valuable resource page for families looking for help.


Kristin Shaeffer

P.S. Feel free to email me with any of your questions at [email protected].