woman and child sitting on fur covered bed in front of window nose to nose with smiles

Free Online Parenting Mini Course

“Engaging With Your Toddler: Have Meaningful Moments All Day Long”

Learn how to engage with a toddler in a satisfying way for both caregiver and child. This course also includes a free download of positive affirmations every parent needs.

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I love children more than anything. And children love music.

I have cared for children all my life and have found music to be the best way to engage with them. I want to share my knowledge of how toddlers think and interact so you can enjoy your child more and your toddler can be more content. I know you will feel like a better parent after taking this course.


THIS Course Is Called: Parenting School 101: How to Engage with Your Toddler

What you will get from my FREE mini course:

  • You will learn Inspiring tips to having a HAPPY TODDLER – without leaving home nor changing your routine
  • You will learn how to engage with a toddler in a satisfying way for both you and your child.
  • You will enjoy quality interaction with your child and know how to have more.
  • You will discover new things you have in common to talk and sing about (know what your child likes)
  • You will feel listened to because your child gave you his/her full attention.
  • Your child will be satisfied and happy during your interaction. As you continue to practice engaging with your toddler, you will find more and more benefits. 
  • You will have a free downloadable file of positive affirmations every parent needs.

Do you want to learn how to have meaningful exchanges with your young child all day long? Take my FREE Mini-course TODAY. After applying what you learn from my video course you will understand your child better and he will be more content. Don’t let another day go by without learning how to REALLY listen to your toddler.


To enroll in Kristin’s course, click “LEARN MORE

You will brought to Teachable.com, which is the hosting site for all my courses. I use Teachable because:

  • They have a ton of experience formatting online courses.
  • They are a secure website to collect payments.
  • They are professional and user friendly.

In teaching you the VERY IMPORTANT truths about children, I am not going to hold anything back. I have been known to tip-toe around the tulips of peoples differing situations and opinions. Well, I am not going to be your sweet friend anymore. I am going to be your teacher.

This school is about real answers: truth as it has stood the test of time and experience. I will NOT teach you a little here and a little there, dancing around the facts to avoid hurting your feelings.

If you are ready for real growth and more joy in your parenting, you are ready for this course.


woman and child sitting on fur covered bed in front of window nose to nose with smiles
Having meaningful moments all day long 🙂

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