Kay’s Birth Story

August 1, 1993

It was fun to answer inquiries at church. “When are you due?”
“Today.” I answered.
I wanted to walk to church because I had so much energy. I kept up a really good pace – in high heels even.
With the Miamaid (14-15 year old girls) lesson I prepared being on abortion, the baby’s timely hiccups came in very handy. I had the whole class watch my flinching belly. Linda Shaw found it particularly fascinating.
We came home and ate. I have been focusing my prayers on a safe delivery, but more so on Duncan’s behalf: that he’ll have the strength, confidence, and desires of the father he wants to be. I know he’ll be a great dad.
After talking to E.C., my mother-in-law, on the phone, Duncan and I both fell asleep at 5:00 p.m and didn’t wake up until 7:30 p.m. by the call of my mom. I had had a really weird dream:
I dreamt that the hospital was a maze of rooms and activities. That I didn’t remember anything about the delivery, but had given birth to a 3 year old looking girl with no hair and a big smile. She had no resemblance to either Duncan nor I.
After we woke up and were reading some of the conference issue aloud to the baby, I felt a contraction – one like i’ve only felt at night. I’ve had 4 since then, averaging about 12 minutes apart. I’ve felt especially relaxed this evening. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

August 2, 1993

12:59 a.m. Yucky contractions between 6 and 11 minutes apart. No sleep last night.

For the continuation of the story (chapter two of three chapters) CLICK HERE.

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  1. Gotta say, I am too! I will never forget you and I sitting on our futon in our Dallas apartment while you told me about Kay’s birth. If there is any way you can describe in writing how you described to me in person, I will be thrilled because I laughed hysterically at your rendition of back labor! (I won’t steal your punchline, but I LOVE hearing you tell a story!)

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