When I Saw My Husband for the First Time: 25 Years Ago

On our honeymoon in front of the Vermillion Cliffs near Lees Ferry in Northern Arizona

When Duncan and I saw each other for the first time I was 23. Duncan was 26, a TA at ASU and about to get his masters degree in geography. I had been ward hopping, which you were allowed to do back then, and prayerfully settled in on University 1st Ward. As is customary, I spoke in church shortly after my membership records arrived. This is the first time Duncan saw me, January 26, 1992.

In his own words, “I was in the back of the old ASU LDS Institute chapel preparing my Sunday School lesson during sacrament meeting. I was listening, but my eyes were on the manual. I heard: ‘Kristin is a college graduate, a 6th grade teacher, served a mission in Texas…’ and on and on. They gave quite a long introduction. ‘… and she will now speak to us.’ I had set a goal to marry a returned missionary and, coming from a family of teachers, I had a deep respect for all teachers. I picked up my eyes to see who they were talking about… and gazed on your beauty. I listened to your whole talk instead of preparing my lesson. I don’t remember what your talk was about, but I DO remember what my Sunday School Lesson was about. Lehi’s Vision.”

After the meeting, Duncan rushed to teach his Sunday School lesson. Somehow I chose Duncan’s class, one of several options, and sat in the back. When I saw him, the lesson had already started, I thought, “Wow! Where did he come from?! I have flirted with every guy in this ward and haven’t seen him these three weeks while going to this ward.” Later I realized that I hadn’t seen him because he had gone home to Clovis, New Mexico for Christmas break and this was the first Sunday after ASU started the new semester. Back then, ASU would start later in January, after Martin Luther King day, which would have been Monday the 20th.

He was (and still is) absolutely gorgeous. I still have never seen a man as handsome as Duncan – in my entire life.

I didn’t notice how unprepared he was. Besides, he WAS and STILL IS a talented teacher. For the rest of Duncan’s lesson, thoughts ran through my mind on how I was going to meet this guy. I was determined to introduce myself as soon as the lesson was over. This particular classroom was set up different that most classrooms. There was a door at the back of the class and another door behind the presenter, both leading to hallways crowded with desperate single adults. I hesitated long enough for most of the class to empty, then stood and walked toward Duncan. Quite surprisingly, I CHICKENED OUT! I walked right past him – through the door – into the abyss of singlehood once more. I now know why I was so nervous. He was going to be my lover for the next million years. This was a big deal. OK, I guess I’ll have to wait until NEXT Sunday, which is the day we met.

Duncan doesn’t remember me walking straight past him after his lesson. But he has never forgotten seeing me when I spoke in church. He says I was wearing a red pleated dress with a square collar trimmed with a white stripe. Interestingly enough, that remained one of Duncan’s favorite dresses of mine and I wore it for our engagement pictures just 3 short months later!

Our engagement photo!

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    1. It is true, Judy! I bet your life would make a good movie too. We all have a unique story and we are the authors, for the most part. There sure are surprise side plots and characters introduced from time to time, aren’t there?

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