Discuss HARD topics with me, even Politics and Religion

Wednesday – Discuss HARD topics with me, even Politics and Religion.

Let me think.

– I am blessed to be able to discuss politics and religion (I have a lot to learn) with people from both sides. Sometimes the discussion doesn’t go very far because of, what Amy Wax calls, enforced orthodoxy. Her recent article “Are We Free to Discuss America’s Real Problems?” in Imprimis is, in my opinion, absolutely brilliant. It expresses my thoughts on fair discussion. Click here for the entire article. Her op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer on August 9 under the title, “Paying the Price for the Breakdown of the Country’s Bourgeois Culture” is HERE.

“Offense and upset go with the territory; they are part and parcel of an open society. We should be teaching our young people to get used to these things, but instead we are teaching them the opposite” (Amy L. Wax).

– Here is an example: I don’t agree with Trump on everything, but I like some of the things he is doing for our country. Did you know Maricopa County is the fourth largest county in the US by population? Interesting that it was first in 2016 in GOP votes among states supporting Trump. Maricopa county had more GOP votes than eleven of the states that Trump won.

Since we are allowed to state our opinions (Free speech):
I agree with GOP principles:
limited government,
fiscal and personal responsibility,
the order of law, and a
good business climate results in jobs.

But I am open for discussion, because you DO have a right to your own opinions too.

– I agree with my dad: These principles must be accompanied by reasonable regulations as well as appropriate support for the family and for the poor.

BOURGEOIS [boo r-zhwah, boo r-zhwah; French boor-zhwa]

– What is bourgeois? “Bourgeois” is a noun referring to a member of the middle class, a person whose political, economic, and social opinions are believed to be determined mainly by concern for property values and conventional respectability. I guess I am bourgeois.

My blog is full of the ordinary, in effort to bring some reality to the media. I am a great mom who makes mistakes, avoids cleaning, and can’t get-it-all-done, like most people I know. AND LIKE YOU, I am extraordinarily blessed with great kids, a handsome husband, and opportunities to make a positive difference in this world – one day at a time.

I share a glimpse into my REAL life each day on this “Today” page. I posted “Today” as it’s own post to encourage comments.

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  1. I feel for Professor Wax. What a truly disheartening experience she had. Highlights what’s wrong in academia.

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