Emotional Agility

I am learning about emotion and mind management. 

Emotions are energy (actual vibrations from our minds) that we can control through our thoughts. “When we allow a thought [true or not/good or not], an image, or a belief/idea into our subconscious minds, the degree to which we amplify the thought or belief in our imaginations, plus the amount of memory data we recall from our memories to justify and validate being right with the accepted belief, makes it a predominant behavior producing thought in our belief system.” (The Emotional Skills and Tools of Positive Mind Management by Dennis Parker) Susan David, PhD calls this amplification.

This energy effects our health, our behavior and our happiness. Worries, resentment, doubts, and untruths can be destructive. BUT ignoring them is not the answer. I love what Susan David says in her TedTalk: “The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage”, “Be curious about your emotions. What are they telling you?” Emotions are data. They are a manifestation of what we care about. They should lead us to our values. 
Remember that truth, light, love, encouragement, beauty, and goodness create life in us. 

The brain is different than the mind, Dennis Parker teaches. The brain is a physical organ in our bodies. It is programmed to repeat itself and to defend itself. This is why we regurgitate thoughts (worries, memories, hurts, images) over and over. We need to make sure the “stories” we are telling ourselves are true and uplifting. The mind is the center of your intelligence. It is the eternal part of you. The mind controls the brain and as you continue to strengthen your mind, you will be able to control your brain, which controls your thoughts, which controls your feelings and emotions, thus controlling your life. Isn’t it fitting that the Savior teaches to let virtue garnish your thoughts unceasingly. Virtue is light, purity, and truth. From this power we can be one with God and gain all that he has: riches, peace, knowledge of the past and future, His love, and much more. 
I am reading a few books and doing other research on these subjects right now. I hope to become a source for good in the arena of emotion and mind management. It is all very cool.

You have an amazing mind! Let it help you be happy! Here is my current book/media list:

Parent and Child Music Classes help emotions and parent-child bonding.

Music that helps me emotionally bond with my kids.