Questions are Good

(These thoughts come from a handout I gave my seminary kids this year.)

“Inspired QUESTIONS should be considered gifts from God that provide opportunities for us to increase our understanding and to strengthen our assurance that the Lord is willing to teach us.

“Whatever the source of our QUESTIONS may be, we have been blessed with the ability to think and reason and to have the Lord’s influence expand our minds and deepen our understanding” (Doctrinal Mastery Core Document, p 2).

Questions are good. Do something about them. God loves you! He wants you to have eternal life. (DM: John 17:3)

1. Do you desire a testimony of the gospel? (DM: James 1:5-6)
Are you willing to work for it? Study and research takes time. (DM: D&C 88:118)

2. ACT IN FAITH – Remember the truth you already have a sure belief of. Keep that faith while learning.
(DM 2 Nephi 28:30) Remember to examine your questions and related concepts through an eternal perspective.

3. Where do you go for answers? Remember that Satan wants you to be miserable and will do anything to lead you away. Look to God. (DM Mosiah 4:9) SEEK DIVINELY APPOINTED SOURCES. Elder Ballard reminds us that James didn’t say “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask Google!”

Q: Which questions do I NEED to have answers to?
A: The ones that prepare you for eternal life. (Such as the temple recommend questions, but all questions are important.)

Be humble, patient, willing to submit to the father like a child would. (DM: Mosiah 3:19)

Prophets are sent to benefit us. (Mosiah 8:15-18)
Joseph Smith’s testimony. (D&C 76:22-24)
King Benjamin’s testimony. (Mosiah 1:6)
Live by faith. (DM: Ether 12:6)
Faith leads to knowledge. (Mosiah 5:4)
Trust in the Lord. (Mosiah 9:17, 10:19)
Satan’s plan: (Moses 4)
Where are you headed? We are preparing for eternity. Who will be in the Celestial Kingdom? (D&C 76:50-70), (DM: 2 Nephi 2:27)

4. Pray sincerely, Your intent to act on the answer will affect your ability to learn through the Holy Ghost. (DM: Moroni 10:4-5)

If a question is particularly important to you, it is important to the Lord. Study and pray about it. He will bless you.

There are some questions that you won’t find the answers to right away. Hold tight to the truth you DO know. Righteous men live by faith, not a perfect knowledge (Moroni 7:25-26). Be patient (Romans 12:12). The Lord blesses us with knowledge line upon line, precept upon precept. It may be helpful to back up and make sure you have the basics covered before delving into the finer details. Then build on your foundation, truth upon truth.

Love, Sister Shaeffer

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