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I am like many other cub scout moms. I want the best for my son. I know he has HUGE potential and so do I. However, time and energy is limited, so sometimes we do things the easy way. Take this “homemade instrument” that Curt and I made, for instance.

Of course, we did try a little harder earlier in the process. First, we thought of something grand – a wind chime of sorts. Then Curt read the Webelos manual and found some ideas for simple instruments made of everyday items. He made a woodwind instrument (I think that would be the appropriate classification for this beauty) out of a toilet paper roll. It still didn’t seem to satisfy the musical side of Curt. So, we fell to the age-tested fake kazoo: a comb and wax paper.
Curt’s Homemade Kazoo Movie

For the Maestro Activity badge, which Curt is almost finished with, he must perform a number with his homemade instrument. I am going to say that sharing with you counts.


For some reason I don’t remember anything about my brothers going to cub/boy scouts, probably because I was caught up in my own little world. I am ten years older than my first brother and 16 years older than my third brother. Needless to say, they surely didn’t need my help to succeed in this important endeavor, though I am positive my mom and dad helped plenty. All three of them achieved the rank of eagle.

Now my boys follow the path of their uncles, grandfather, and father… and Akela (the mother wolf, which symbolizes the adult leader in the pack). All three have enjoyed the activities of the Boy Scouts of America. This great organization helps each boy (and leader) develop character, courage, and charity.


Do I, the scout mom, live the scout law?

I think I am quite trustworthy and helpful. I need to make sure I am being loyal, though. Note to self: Remember to be completely loyal to Duncan in thought too – Don’t wish he was different. I can’t change anyone but myself. He is my love!

I am friendly – too friendly? My kids would probably say I am too friendly because I visit with “everyone” on the way to the car after every event. Note to self: Remember to be a courteous driver. I am kind. I am obedient most of the time. I must remember to be EXACTLY OBEDIENT, like I strove to be in the mission. Because all blessings are dependent on obedience to the law they are predicated upon.

I am cheerful. Thank goodness!

I am thrifty, though I am splurging on a few things this Christmas. I’ll have to make up for that later. I am BRAVE, I have 5 kids, for Pete’s sake! I am not clean because I haven’t showered today. I am reverent at the right times, I hope. BOY! am I ever hungry! I made extra meat loaf yesterday so meal prep today would be easier.


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  1. Ha ha!! This is a good review. I am like you, I can only remember one or two Scout moments from our brothers. We were too old, I guess!

  2. I know! We were too old to be going to pack meetings with them and such. I know they loved scouting, though. Thank goodness we still got to comping a ton. I crave camping, still.

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