You need time to get ready for the day most of all. I always have a better day if I:

wake up before the kids,
say my prayers,
do some stretches, or if Dunc is home,
go running with a friend,
read my scriptures… blah blah blah.

That is a dream, that didn’t come true for me until this year. My youngest is ten and I am finally able to wake up sane enough and early enough to do all this before the kids wake up. … And still I don’t do it most of the time because I LIKE sleeping until I HAVE to wake up, but I DO make sure that I am up with the first kid. I don’t like the feeling of laying in bed while they are being stellar. I want to be up and accomplishing with them. 😉

Without a doubt-

You have GOT to read the scriptures sometime in the day, every day – even if it is only a verse. The peace and blessing that come from this are too great to pass up. AND PRAY morning and night. Test it out. It is a miracle what this simple habit will do for you.