Curt Figured out that Santa is Dad

January 8, 2015

Today my youngest child figured out that Santa is Dad.
This morning he was upset that his old bike was already at Deseret Industies and that his new bike was too nice to lock up at the school just yet. Then he pouted about how Dad must have bought the bikes if he took his old bike to D.I. even before Christmas…on and on and then was talking about how it was our blankets that were covering the new bikes on Christmas morning. Then he yelled, So, if Dad bought our new bikes, then WHAT DID WE GET FROM SANTA?!
(I just sat there with a quizzical brow.)
We didn’t get anything from Santa?! (He starts to cry.)
I know Santa is real! It has been proven! People have seen him! Dad bought the bikes?!
Well, actually we went to the bike shop together. Aren’t they great?
Then, who fills the stockings?! You? (more crying)
Why did you lie to me? (sobbing)
Curt, when you have asked me, “Is Santa real?” I have replied, “What do you think?” and what do you say?
Yes. (sobbing some more)
That is right. Curt, it is a fun story for children all around the world. When kids are about your age, they figure it out. It is a beautiful tradition.
Is crying a tradition?!
I am not going to school! (crying and crying)
So, Kay, J.D., Clark, and Adam all talk about Santa just for me? I am the last to know because I am the youngest?!
Well, it is a fun story for all of us to go along with. We love watching movies about Santa, setting out cookies for Santa, and getting extra presents.
So, who eats the cookies?!
Who do you think?
(a little smile from Curtis on this one.) I remember when Dad forgot about the cookies one year! There the cookies were, still on the plate in the morning. Rotten milk. Gross! That was about 2011 or something.
Well, I’m still not going to school!
Honey, this isn’t a big enough reason to miss school.
It is to me! (crying)
Let’s talk about something that will cheer you up, like about how smart you are to figure it out. You are a detective!
How can I when I am crying my heart out?!
So, will Kay, J.D., Clark, and Adam not talk about Santa anymore now that I know?
I’m sure we all will still talk about Santa. You can talk to your brothers and sister about it if you want, but we all love the story. (Curtis was really relieved to hear this.) Besides, we all like a surprise on Christmas morning.
I held Curtis for a long time while he cried and sniffed. I thought about how big and tall he felt in my lap and how innocent he wanted to stay, but he is not little any more. My youngest child knows the secret about Santa. It won’t be long before he figures out the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. I wondered what this means to me, to us all. WILL Christmas be different from now on? One thing I know, is that my 9 year old Curtis is adorable. He is smart, dramatic (yes), but kind and soft hearted. The truth we can ALWAYS rely on is the reality of our Heavenly Father, His Plan of Happiness and the greatest gift of all, His Son Jesus Christ. Now THAT is REAL.

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    1. Well, thank you, I guess. My goal is to offer healthy ordinary “entertainment” to normal parents. If you are looking for good ideas, you probably want to look somewhere else. So many blogs out there portray perfection, which makes me feel guilty after reading one post. I know how hard being a parent is. I have made so many mistakes and have had, thankfully, many successes….like every parent. This is real life. Just remember, no matter how hard being a good parent is, IT IS ALWAYS WORTH IT.

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