Probiotics and Me

When I am taking probiotics regularly, my digestive track cleans my system better thus keeping my body healthy. The results may seem invisible, but this solution to a life-style problem is BIG: I don’t wake in the middle of the night to urinate as often! So!: Dr. James Dever, my chiropractor, understands that health is SO much about nutrition. I went to him to solve this problem. Apple cider vinegar and probiotics have been a big part of the solution. I urinate way more during the day and far less at night.

Plus, in trying to get off thyroid medicine, Dr. Dever has told me that my gut is out of balance. I need to absorb the nutrients in my food and supplements optimally. For these reasons I take probiotics every day.

Melaleuca’s probiotic Florify* has seven sources of probiotics.
“Not all probiotics are the same, and each source (strain) benefits different parts of your body in different ways. Some work in the small intestine and others work in your colon. For example, the strains of Lactobacillus have been shown to support your body’s immune system and help food move properly through the digestive tract. Strains of Bifidobacterium can help relieve feelings of cramping bloating, gas and diarrhea. The more diverse the sources, the more widespread the benefits.

Benefits of Probiotics
“A healthy digestive tract contributes to immune health as well as overall health. And with 10 billion flora from seven diverse sources—plus prebiotics—there’s never been an easier way to support your digestive health than all-new Florify. Probiotics have been shown to help:

– Build and maintain a healthy digestive system while supporting immunity.
– Boost the absorption of nutrients consumed in food and nutritional supplements.
– Replenish the natural balance of good flora in your digestive tract.
– Protects against occasional digestive upsets.

What are probiotics?
“Probiotics are strains of bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of flora in the human gut. They break food down so it can be digested, and they help bolster your immune system. Simply put, there can be harmful or helpful bacteria in the digestive tract, and taking Florify adds to the number of helpful bacteria and strengthens their ability to decrease the amount of bad bacteria.”

*Freiburg Study Clinically Tested

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