Hello! I have a long awaited update for you…

Three Days before Christmas

Its been a while. Seminary has taken up most of my discretionary time. But, after this past semester of student teaching for S&I (Seminary and Institutes of Religion) I have not been offered a full-time position, so this is the end of that particular road for me. I have found peace about it, mostly by remembering over and over again that Heavenly Father is VERY mindful of me and is guiding my life. Of course, talking to Duncan for hours about it has been very helpful also.

So, I have a few minutes to say “Hello.”

Since it is three days before Christmas I still have a long list of things to do:
– Get another card off to my new missionary son in Mexico! (He entered the Mexico City MTC on the 19th of Dec – 3 days ago).
– Take inventory of which Amazon Packages have arrived already
– Finish Christmas Shopping
– Clean the entire house
– Get a room ready for Kay and Chuck to spend Christmas Eve! (We are so excited they want to be here!)
– Outline the Christmas Eve Program and let everyone know what they can do to prepare.
– Get ready for the Alldredge Family Party and gift exchange tomorrow night. I need to find some tomatillos for one of my food assignments…
– Drop off gifts to people that I visit teach and my companion
– Sew pajama bottoms for all the kids (I am doing pastel colors this year out of light gquze. SHHH.)
– Determine the winners of our Annual Shaeffer Family Photo Contest.
– Wrap
– Be okay about NOT doing Christmas cards, cinnamon deliveries, or Santa gifts this year.
– Bake, cook, look relaxed, and give lots of hugs and kisses.

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    1. OH YA! Everyday! You’ll get sick of me for sure. Just keeping it real Nathan, just keepin’ it REAL.

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