Testimonials for Life of a Real Mom

What fun!!! I think I have read and enjoyed every word of your blog, Kristin! It is easy to read and full of great parenting ideas. I really felt that I was at home with you and the kids. LOVED the “conversations!”

Kristin is fun and honest. — Jane Doe

I love it too! Well organized, professional-looking, fun and uplifting. Please keep it going.

Wonderful reads Kristin! I love the idea to document the every day life. So much of the great and not so great mists away and is eventually forgotten. You inspire me!

I always learn a lot from Kristin! Like, ever since I have been in the ward!

I had forgotten about doing a “schedule” with my toddlers. Thanks for the reminder.

Your blog is fabulous. It’s amazing how everyday life can be so entertaining. Love it. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s so wonderful to know I’m not alone in patenting dilemmas and accomplishments.

Love it! Great insight Kristin!

And the three little pigs….good stuff.

I am reading your blog and enjoying it. I will put it on my RSS feed and read it religiously! 🙂

Kristin I love it!!!! I have read several posts. So natural honest and encouraging. I can’t wait to read more.
We just talked about the 3 little pigs at mommy school this morning. Sigh. My kids will grow up too. Sadness.
I am so proud of you. Keep the posts coming!

This morning I have been reading your blog – – – – I have found myself laughing out loud here by myself, being inspired, and just enjoying myself. What a special gift you have in writing. Thank you for being wonderful.

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