Where Has the Time Gone?

On a hill overlooking camp at Pagosa Springs, Colorado, 2002
On a hill overlooking camp at Pagosa Springs, Colorado, 2002

Looking at this beautiful photo reminds me of the enthusiastic efforts that Duncan and I made to make sure that our older kids (Kay, J.D., Clark, and Adam) had adventures, music training, the best education, and lots of hard work to build character. Am I doing all that I can do to be the best mom to the younger kids? Am I petering out on Curt?

Well, let me review the above list.

– Adventures (Curt has been tons of places including hiking Forester Pass! This winter adventures include Forest Lakes for a snow fight, Kartchner Caverns for a tour and Heard Pueblo for a scout campout with Dunc.)
– Music training (Curt practices piano and violin 4 days a week. He sang a solo at our Christmas Program too. He could do more singing and I need to sign him up for some piano events.)
– Education (Curt is going to a great middle school with all honors classes. He skipped 5th grade last year. He needs to read more.)
– Hard work (Curt has a yard cleaning business. He weeds, mows, edges, and poop scoops. He has two clients and business cards. He is quick to help at home. Best of all, he gives me back rubs without me asking!)

I guess Curt will survive, even though he isn’t in the earlier fantastic photo.

Here they are now. The whole kit and caboodle:

5 kids and a dog
King Curt

6 thoughts on “Where Has the Time Gone?”

    1. I know Adam. Look at your cute lips. You still have chubbiness at your wrists. What are you doing with your fingers? SO CUTE!

  1. From cute to handsome, all of them. I think Curt is “surviving” caboose-hood extremely well. 🙂

    1. Ya, he is surviving alright. 🙂
      He is a gift, really. I think he was sent to our family JUST for me. He gives me a back rub almost every day! And I don’t even ask for it. He’s a keeper, that’s for sure.

  2. Kay Shaeffer Zulanas

    Definitely both great photos. Although I guess I’m the only kid who likes to smile for photos nowadays! Oh well, I like my smile.

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