Dare to Trust God

by J.D. Shaeffer

Some quick advice for us all:
Let God and your good qualities define you! Trust in His goodness and trust in His love!

I really love believing in these things. Believing in good things = Optimism.

Optimism is something quite essential. Those who choose to be optimists choose to be happy, for there on in we feel in control of our lives and the future automatically looks bright.

I triple-dog-dare everyone reading this to be so optimistic that not a shade of doubt or self-doubt ever enters your mind this entire week. Try it and record in a personal journal how you feel. You may all of a sudden find yourself smiling more, cleaning more, being more kind and gentle, etc. All those qualities that make you an irresistible human being will be yours once you choose this trust, this belief, in good and happy things.

Thanks for reading!