If you look at Draicoe and Daxis for the first time, you might think they are twins, but they are just 1 1/2 years apart.

I have been getting to know Draicoe and Daxis’ differences, which has been fun:


Social – He chatters and loves following Curt or I around the house. He would rather be with someone when he is playing.
“Momma, Let’s go!”
Where are we going?
“I don’t know.”
Athletic – carries the bat around like J.D. used to when he was 3.
Smart – He gets almost everything I say.


Likes the piano – This the first thing he wanted to do when he woke up this morning, to plink the ivories.
Likes dirt – can sit alone in a pile of dirt happily for a long time.
Likes to eat – this might be why he is almost the same size as Draicoe. He eats more than the older one.
Likes Sally – They have exchanged kisses many times so far.

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