Meeting Duncan for the first time – Feb 2, 1992 (25 years ago)

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of when Duncan and I met each other.

My recollection is this:

I was called to be a Sunday School teacher in University 1st ward and since Duncan was in the Sunday School presidency, he was suppose to introduce me to the ward that day. He approached me in the lobby before sacrament meeting to get the proper pronunciation of my name. I tease him now that he said, “Hi, are you Kristin Alldredge? How do you pronounce your name?” 🙂 But, he probably was a little smarter than that and said, “Hi, are you Kristin? I am introducing you as the new Sunday School teacher today and was wondering how to pronounce your last name.” ANYWAY, that was his pick up line.

And it worked.

Here is my first journal entry about him:

Feb 10, 1992 (Sunday) – “I’ve made many wonderful friends in the ward as a result of [speaking in church, being called as a Sunday school teacher, and asked to give a YA FHE lesson]. Last Sunday at break-the-fast dinner I was pleased to be walking in with Duncan (Shaefer?) who I had met just that day, since he was going to be announcing my class and then attended it. I had first seen him when he was giving his class and knew right-off I wanted to get to know this tall dark handsome Sunday school teacher. We waited in line and ate together, the whole time talking about teaching and hiking, etc. Then Nathan joined us and another guy. I had another, Steve, help me with my seat and well, felt like a real lady. I can handle this much attention for a long time. It was flattering and fun.

“Duncan and I ended up walking out together too.”

I remember that day. All that attention only lasted about another month, because before too long, the other guys I had dated and gotten to know knew they couldn’t compete with Duncan.