Satan’s Lies About the Family

Satan Lies About the Family
by J.D. Shaeffer

There’s a grand irony in this world that is perplexing all of us mortal beings. Satan, the foolish individual who tempts everyone with the carnal lies of sex, marriage, and children, is the same guy who will never ever experience any of that. He doesn’t have a body and he never will, so out of rage, he lies to mankind, saying it’s good to be frivolous with your sexuality, that marriage and children get in the way of life, and they’re an optional nuisance. At least, that’s what the world’s popular opinion has arrived to be – as portrayed in admired media.

Sorry if this sounds preachy – I don’t mean for it to be like that. I just think we can be stronger, truly resilient, so that we control our lives based on principles of truth, as opposed to the world’s consensus. I do believe that those who strive to keep Heavenly Father’s commandments are the ones who can properly be strong – Helaman 5:26 says, “…they become weak, because of their transgression.”