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The Value of Faith in Parenting

He loves me despite my imperfections.

Faith is essential to finding peace in the chaos of daily life. It brings meaning and purpose to each day.

What is Faith?

Faith is believing in something that you can’t see. Here is an example. Even though I don’t know for sure, I turn the light switch up believing that the overhead light will turn on by doing so. The more I turn light switches on with the expected outcome, I am more sure that the light will illuminate when I flip the switch up.

The Faith that helps parents and children and families most is faith in a loving Father in Heaven. I know that God, our loving Father in Heaven, is looking over me approving of my good choices, loving me, cheering me on, hearing my prayers and guiding me according to my seeking. I know that Jesus Christ (depicted above) is God’s only begotten Son. There is an over arching plan to humanity and my role as parent is an important part of that unescapable plan (with its good and evil forces) My purpose is to finish strong and help others do the same.

Why is Faith Important to Kids?

One of the most common questions is “Who am I?” “What happens after death?” “What is life all about?”

There is a purpose to our lives. Life is not a mistake. We we are part of a big picture though hard to comprehend the magnitude, we are also each in our seemingly little lives, crucially important to the whole picture, which includes God, our ancestors and our descendants.  Our soul or our “I am” is eternal. We will have consciousness, life and choices and progress after this short mortal life just like we had an importance and real presence before we were born to our parents here on earth. Our choices and selves are real and important. We will not go away. So, we are either progressing or digressing. There is no stagnant.

Progress is an eternal principle. So, even though I am minicule in comparison to the universes that God oversees, I matter to me. I matter to my kids and my extended family. I have had enough experiences where I found God’s love FOR ME that my knowledge that I matter to Him is undeniable. This faith, drives me to keep moving and allows me to feel comfort in my strivings toward the godly. I have taught these truths to my children. They have developed and need to maintain their own relationship with our Heavenly Father. It is personal and individual to them. They can’t rely on MY faith, but no doubt has my faith strengthen me and guided me to be the good part of whatever I am now.

Why is Faith Important in Parenting?

I know that by introducing my children to God and Jesus Christ and establishing routines of faith in our home, they have had a safety net of love and direction that is separate from me so that when I can’t help whatever or whenever, they have the aid they need. They also know where they fit in to the broad scheme of things so their identity is much more secure. Everyone asks at one time or another, Who am I? My kids know the answer. 

Kids and parents that know that they are a child of God and that their life matters to Him are happier. They are more confident. They are careful about their choices because they follow Jesus Christ’s perfect example. Faith brings an extra bond to family members. For these reasons, I believe that faith is the most valuable parenting secret I have discovered. I am glad I can share it with you. Pray and ask for more faith. It will come.

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