family tree with names on hearts hanging on the branches.

Family History and Missionary Work

Family history and missionary work go hand in hand. Invite a friend to find joy in family history with a few simple questions.

“It is all one work.”

– Elder Bednar

To Spread the Enthusiasm About Family Research, Ask a Friend:

  • “Are your parents living?” then …
  • “Do you know your 4 grandparents?” then …
  • “Do you know the names of any of your great grandparents?” then …
  • “I have a friend @ our church who can help us.” OR “I would love to help you discover your family tree! When would you like to get together?”

Prayer of missionaries:

“Please lead us to those whose ancestors have already received the Gospel on the other side of the veil, and who are desperate to receive their ordinances.”

Another Opportunity to Build Interest in Family Research, Ask a Friend:

The 1950 Census will be public on on April 1st, 2022,

  • “Who in your family was alive in 1950?” then …
  • “The 1950 census is being indexed by volunteers on family search.” then …
  • “Would you be interested in seeing where your —— was in 1950?” then …
  • “I have a friend @ our church’s family history library who can help us.”

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