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Choosing Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are essential for a healthy pregnancy. You and your baby are special. Naturally you want the best vitamins available. There are so many prenatal vitamins to choose from. How do you decide? In my experience, typical prenatal vitamins and reviews disappoint.

When weighing the value of vitamins in the market, these consumer reports analyze prenatal vitamins by looking at:

  • INGREDIENTS – It’s critical to know how much of the essential nutrients your prenatal supplement actually includes, and if it’s enough.
  • THIRD-PARTY VERIFICATION – Important to ensure that your vitamins are cross-checked by an external source for accuracy and potency in ingredients.
  • PILL TYPE – We assessed what kind of pill you could have to be taking for at least the next 9 months, and how often you need to take it during the day.

BUT, these reviews miss two VERY IMPORTANT characteristics to consider, in fact they are the MOST IMPORTANT:

  • ABSORPTION – Taking vitamins is a waste if the nutrients aren’t absorbed. Unfortunately, some vitamins don’t enter your blood stream, but are quickly flushed through your digestive system.
  • SCIENTIFIC PROOF – “With the completion of the Sterling Study in Cincinnati, Ohio, Melaleuca now has not one but two human clinical studies corroborating the health benefits of taking the Peak Performance Pack every day.”
  • TESTIMONIALS – I have been taking Melaleuca vitamins for almost 20 years. I know that I am healthier and more energetic because of my commitment to taking Melaleuca brand’s quality supplements.

The Winner

Because I HAVE studied all of these characteristics in prenatal vitamins, I recommend Melaleuca Vitality Multivitamin and Mineral: Prenatal, which is specifically formulated to support baby’s growth and development plus mom’s increased nutritional needs.

Multivitamin & Minerals

Melaleuca Prenatal Vitamins have all the ingredients you want and need. They address “the special needs of pregnant and nursing mothers with 1,000 mcg of folate, extra levels of B12 for morning sickness, and increased ironcalcium, and magnesium for optimal health during pregnancy.” –


Melaleuca uses their patented Oligo process that binds minerals to proteins and fibers (just like fruits and vegetables). This process helps ensure that the body can more easily absorb and benefit from these critical nutrients.

Taking vitamins is a waste of money and effort without the maximum Absorption and Antioxidant Protection. Oligo keeps minerals soluble and available for absorption so they can more easily pass through the intestinal wall.

Scientifically Proven

Traditional minerals crystallize in the small intestine where nutrients absorption takes place, making them almost impossible to absorb. Only Oligo binds minerals to organic compounds the way they are found in whole foods to maximize solubility.

Oligo protects critical antioxidants (copper and zinc) so you get more of the nutrition you need. Minerals in traditional supplements can trigger massive free radical activity during digestion. These free radicals can actually cancel out the benefits of antioxidants like vitamins C and E.

Compared to inorganic (sulfate) forms of copper, Oligo (AAOF) helps preserve the ascorbate radical (vitamin C) so the free radical becomes a stable atom. For the first time, researchers used computer imaging low-frequency EPR technology to see free radicals generated within the body caused by taking a multivitamin-mineral supplement.

Proven Fact:

Free radical activity in the body is significantly minimized after taking Oligo multivitamin-mineral.

Why do we need vitamins and minerals?

Your body can’t produce them. Vitamins and minerals are called “essential” because they are needed to sustain life and health, and almost all must be obtained from your diet. The most common source is fruit and vegetables, but only 14% of U.S. adults and 9.5% of U.S. teens are eating the recommended amount.

The human body is not capable of storing most vitamins and minerals, so optimal health relies on nourishing the body with ideal amounts throughout the day. All vitamins must be taken as described on the bottle and with a balanced diet of nutritional foods. This video is a news blast about Oligo vitamins.

OLIGO Unveiled

Melaleuca vitamins can not be purchased in stores. You buy them at the online Melaleuca store. I’ve been shopping online at for almost 20 years. I will answer any questions you have about their 400+ quality family friendly products and help you open a shopping account. It is easy and quick. After we visit, you will see why Melaleuca is called, “The Wellness Company.”

EMAIL ME ([email protected]) to learn more about shopping at Melaleuca, where you find the best prenatal vitamins, in my educated opinion.

Be sure to ask me about how you can get FREE Prenatal Vitamins and non-toxic cleaning products. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE Melaleuca Prenatal Vitamins!

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