Routine Musts with Toddlers

– Folding arms for prayer before eating. Repeating the prayer givers words… Three year olds love this.
– Lots of hugs and kisses.
– Time out consistently when infractions occur – three and two year olds don’t love this, but it is essential for long term sanity. Kicking and biting and hitting are not allowed at my house. Time out is a corner, no talking, no excuses, no holding them or attending them. They can cry, throw a fit – I ignore them. They stay for the # of minutes of their age. Then hugs and saying sorry. then out.
– Toys and snacks on long walks.
– TONS of time outside getting dirty
– Sit at table to eat for all meals. Ask to be excused. Put own dirty dishes in sink. A three year old seems to be able to do this, not a two year old, so much.
– Nap after reading books, which is after washing hands and face, which is after lunch.
– Duncan and Tin-tin’s bedroom is off-limits. They get this.
– After dinner there is bath time with toys and lots of laughs.
– Then, p.j.s
– then, going through the house saying “goodnight” to everything and everyone.
– then, turning off as many lights as we can find.
– then, books, lots and lots of them at a pretty fast pace. Throw the written words out the window. “the end” at the end of each one (two AND three year olds seem to LOVE this.
– then, prayers, kisses and tuck in.
– turn on the night light = they are crying by this point, and turn off main light and close the door with one more “I love you” and let them cry. – This is essential for me and them. Rest and knowing that I am in charge is super good for our long term peace and their attitude development.

Time with big kids and DUNCAN!

Gotta go!

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