4 Ways to Drive Safely When You’re a Parent for the First Time

by Daniel Sherwin with Driving is inherently dangerous, with approximately 37,000 fatalities from car crashes each year in the United States alone, according to the Association for Safe International Travel. For new parents, the risks are especially daunting. Fortunately, there are ways to cut down on the dangers and ensure your vehicle runs reliably. […]

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Parenting Tips and Tools

Parenting Tips are all around us, but which ones can you trust? Trust this book. Lorraine Alldredge compiled her best advise in this parenting treasure. These tried and true ideas if you are: Frustrated by bored children watching too much on Netflix? Upset because your kids are spending too much time on video games? Looking

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Baby Language Milestones

0-6 MONTHS Speech: Baby coos, gurgles, babbles, responds to voice Signing: May recognize and respond to signs, Babbles and plays with hands, Might make first sign 6-12 MONTHS Speech: Has increased range of vocalizations, Mimics sounds (Lyla does this already at 5 months) Signing: Recognizes your signs, May make 1-10 or more signs  12-18 MONTHS

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Baby Sign Language

My friend Sarah has taught her 3 young children sign and Spanish while keeping their primary language English. Her middle child is the best talker and singer in my nursery class at church! All three of her littles seem to be ahead of their peers in many ways. It is a handful, but teaching sign

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baby smiling with kisses on face out of lipstick

REAL Help for New Moms

When I had each of my babies, I loved the new life and excitement they brought into my life, but I was tired, felt fat, and needed a friend. To expect my husband to fulfill all my needs was trouble because he didn’t know my needs and surely didn’t understand them when I had the

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