cookies and milk


Dessert recipes from my kitchen include: Brownies Peanut butter cookies and more!

Side Dishes

Side dish recipes include: Salads Fruit Pickles and more.

Main Dish

My main dishes include: Dutch oven recipes Potatoes Breakfast Shrimp Creole and more!


Bread recipes (so far) include: Loaves Quick breads Sweet breads Healthy bread Easy bread

Fresh Bread Recipe Video

Do you want a pick-me-up? Some say that making bread by scratch is a labor of love. I have to agree: there is nothing quite as delicious as fresh bread straight out of the oven. During these uncertain times with all the kids in the house and more time on our hands, you may find …

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Hat in the House

Is this allowed? Wearing a beanie in the house? I went on a walk with Angela this morning and am still trying to warm up. FUN! I am suppose to be putting together a birthday box for Adam in Brazil (His birthday is in a month and a half! GOT TO GET IT IN THE …

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Vegetable Rich Recipes

I am not vegan or vegetarian, but I have been cutting out dairy and sugar. I also try to eat meat sparingly. You can see that my husband and kids still want milk for their addiction to cold cereal. You can ALSO see my almond milk (that I made) in the jar at the top …

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