woman praying while standing in trees. She has her hands clasped in front of her while eyes are closed and head leaning back facing heaven.

Learn How to Pray

I love this picture. Men praying is one of the sexiest image for me. Praying is strength, wisdom, control, and love.

I happen to be a white lady, but some of the best prayers I have ever heard have been shared by people from a different race or culture than my own. This is how I pray.

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Parenting Tips and Tools

Parenting Tips are all around us, but which ones can you trust? Trust this book. Lorraine Alldredge compiled her best advise in this parenting treasure. These tried and true ideas if you are: Frustrated by bored children watching too much on Netflix? Upset because your kids are spending too much time on video games? Looking

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Sons Need Respect

Have you heard of the book, “Men are from Mars and Women are From Venus?” Sometimes it really does feel like Duncan speaks a completely different language than I do. If understanding the difference between men and women can help our marriages, then it makes sense that understanding the difference between boys and girls would

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