J.D. is surviving on the Appalachian Trail

J.D. is not only surviving, but flourishing.

J.D. at the Susquehannah River in PA.

– Giardia off and on for 2 weeks – THE PITS! Eating every healthy thing he can get his hands on, and rebuilding everyday. Lots of electrolytes and protein. (and sugar 🙂
– Seeing some amazing sights
– Record is 41 miles hiked in one day. Taking it easy now – about 22 miles a day – to stay healthy for the rest of the adventure.
Waving “Goodbye” to us as he resumed his hike on the Appalachian Trail.

A good camera shot of a bear on the trail

Fourth of July fireworks over a lake in Branchville, New Jersey at Gyp’s Tavern

Now he is fully recovered and feeling strong! Go J.D.! You have only 5 more states to go: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine!