mom leaning over youth at computer

Parents as Teachers During the Covid Worldwide Pandemic

Parents who give support to their children doing online school at home can help the situation, turning a seemingly disaster into a blessing. A positive attitude is KEY.

My sister Catherine is a great example of this. The following video speaks for itself. You may notice how her attitude makes all the difference in her children’s learning experiences this year during online school at home as a result of the Covid Worldwide Pandemic.

Attitude is Key

Did you notice in the middle of the video the devastating results that can happen when parents have a negative attitude about parenting?

Some parents are saying their grown children don’t plan on having kids:

  • “My kids say they are not having children.”
  • “My kids say the same, like duh. No kids for generation Z. Hello.”
  • “My kids say ‘no kids’ either. Apparently a trend.”

How many children have heard their mom’s complain about parenting. “I am tired!” “Clean this wreck up!” “You kids are driving me nuts!”

“The sign of a successful parenting is not how the children turn out, but how the parents turn out.” – Unknown

Catherine has it figured out. “I don’t complain so my kids don’t complain. [My kids] think [online school] is fun. This is the way it is suppose to be.” Do you think her kids see her as a happy mom? Does her “job” as a parent look like a good aspiration to them? Absolutely.

Do Parents Have to Be Perfect?

NO. Being a successful parent doesn’t mean being a perfect parent. Being a good parent means that we improve each day. This kind of hope is available to all of us. Pray for help. Ask for forgiveness from God and your kids. Do your best while smiling through your day. Being a parent is the most important job you will ever have. Give it your best.

Many parents are needing to work while their kids are home doing school! This is an extra challenge. You can do it with creativity and cooperation. Remember you can’t do it all by yourself. Ask for help. You can do this!

Parenting is hard and takes dedication regardless of HUGE challenges like a world wide pandemic, or having to be your own kids teacher. No matter the day or the year, parents can turn a seemingly disaster into a blessing with a positive attitude.