Plant Cell Project

I have learned the make-up of a cell so many times in my life.

– Third grade (Mrs. Peterson was the most beautiful friendly hippy/teacher in the 70s. I loved reading Pete’s Dragon in our classroom loft, singing along with her guitar, and watching reel to reel educational films backward. I’ll have to tell you about my third grade boyfriend sometime.)
– 7th grade biology (Mr. Eastman drank warm tuna juice from his mug. Imagine what that science room smelled like!)
– Bio 101 (A gigantic classroom of 300 + students, but the lab was come-and-go, so smaller numbers there. Elementary Education majors had to do all kinds of cool biology labs with buttons and bugs. It WAS a REAL major, no, REALLY.)
– And now five more times as each of my kids have made the model of a cell in 6th grade biology.

Still, I couldn’t tell you what a vacuole in a plant leaf does or what the difference between an animal and plant cell is. Curt sure can. It seems I promptly forget all I learn right after I learn it. Thank goodness for google and wikipedia. And Curt. Isn’t this cute?