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family tree with names on hearts hanging on the branches.

Family History and Missionary Work

Family history and missionary work go hand in hand. Invite a friend to find joy in family history with a few simple questions. “It is all one work.” – Elder Bednar To Spread the Enthusiasm About Family Research, Ask a Friend: “Are your parents living?” then … “Do you know your 4 grandparents?” then … […]

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family life father kissing his son with wife and other child looking on

What About Fathers

Fathers everywhere, you have a wonderful opportunity to serve, make people laugh and to be a hero. Your kids want: your attention, your kisses, your devotion and your jokes. Believe in You I believe in fathers. I believe in “the ideal of the man who puts his family first.” (Blankenhorn, Fatherless America, 5.) “By divine design, fathers are

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Kid with superhero cape punching the sunshine

Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Building self-confidence in your child is essential. Here are some of my ideas: Promote social interactions (in a safe environment). Affirm their ability to do or make stuff (Summertime is a great time to do this!) Let them choose the movie, book, song. (Say “yes” as often as you can so that when you need

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Five women from different cultures around the world touching heads on top of each other

The Value of Women

Women must be given rights, be valued as equal citizens in order for there to be political peace and progress. An article in the Economist about Bride Price supports claim that high bride prices and polygamy in Africa creates a shortage of brides which has contributed to violence in many African countries. In the above

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Parenting Tips and Tools

Parenting Tips are all around us, but which ones can you trust? Trust this book. Lorraine Alldredge compiled her best advise in this parenting treasure. These tried and true ideas if you are: Frustrated by bored children watching too much on Netflix? Upset because your kids are spending too much time on video games? Looking

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