The Book of Mormon

by J.D. Shaeffer

I finished the Book of Mormon again last week. It’s a truly remarkable book. I always look forward to the very end of it all, Moroni chapter 10. I love Moroni’s promise in verse 4, in which he basically says that if we ask God humbly and sincerely to know if the Book of Mormon is a true book of holy scripture, then “he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost.” I love that promise and have seen it vividly in my life.

One of those times happened on my mission. I was in my last area called, Tayasuape, in Paraguay, and I had just finished reading through the Book of Mormon for the third time. I arrived to the end again and read Moroni’s words. I knelt down at a bench in our little house and I sincerely asked if it was true.

I kid you not, I felt like a huge warm blanket was surrounding me instantly. It was wrapping around me slowly and I could feel its immense comfort. It was truly amazing. It suffices me to say that I know that was another confirmation that God gave me to know that the Book of Mormon is truly another testament of Jesus Christ.

The Book of Mormon is true, therefore, it’s my humble belief that everyone in the world should read it and delight in its teachings.

Thank you!