mother holding baby with bow in hair in front of window singing a lullaby

Christmas Musical Activity for babies and young children – “Little Jesus”

We learned this song in Baby Music and Me this morning. I want to share it with you.

Little Jesus

Here is a Christmas musical activity to do with a young child (age 0-6) while singing “Little Jesus.” This sweet Christmas lullaby was written by Marilyn Curtis White (words) and Mark Newell (music). #parenthood #kidmusic #babymusic #faith #christmasmusic #musiceducation #christmaslullaby #learnhowtosingonline #learnhowtoshare

This song is great for:

  • any bonding time during the day,
  • nursery class,
  • primary class or sharing time,
  • family home evening, or
  • Christmas Eve.


Fairest little Jesus Child, Came to Earth so meek and mild, Came to Earth to show the Way. Praise we sing on Christmas Day!

Fairest little Jesus Child, From the Heaven’s Angels smiled. We a gift before Thee lay. Praise we sing on Christmas Day!

Children’s Song Book, page 39

See Luke 2:11

Music: Mark Newell, b. 1961, and Charlene Anderson Newell, b. 1938. © 1979 IRI

Merry Christmas!

I’d love to hear how you liked this activity! Share your experience in a comment below. 🙂

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