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How to Sing a Lullaby to Your Baby

Babies are so lovable when they get a healthy amount of sleep. Sing traditional and new lullabies to your baby to calm them down for sleep. Feel like a better parent and love your baby more by singing to your baby before bedtime and at other quiet moments.


My children loved it when I sang to them even into their teen years. Some children that I babysat as a youth still remember the songs I sang to them.


Most often I sing a lullaby to an older child while they are in their bed and I am sitting or laying on the ground. If he is a younger child, then he is often in bed beside me or in my lap. If I am singing to a baby, they are often in my arms.


You do not need a good voice to sing to your kids. My voice has improved as I have sung to my children and yours will to, but that doesn’t matter. Your voice, no matter how practiced it is, will always be your child’s favorite. There is something soothing and deeply touching about being sung to.

Hold your baby in a position that both of you like. I like to cradle my babies in my arms. Placing your baby on your chest so that their head is resting on your shoulder or holding the baby tummy down on your forearm with their head in your palm is good too. There are many ways you can hold your baby.

Once you and your baby are comfortable, sing. Sing anything. You and your baby will bond through the experience.


You will know when it is a good time to sing to your baby. It is usually when you want them to be soothed (after getting hurt or being uncomfortable) or to calm down (before quiet or nap time). There are many other good times to sing to and with your children:

Sing while you are:

  • working,
  • driving,
  • dancing,
  • cleaning,
  • walking,
  • skipping,
  • rocking,
  • changing diapers,
  • needing to cheer up yourself or children while doing something you don’t want to do but need to get done, like picking up toys.


There are many lullabies you can sing. Of course there are many other songs you can sing to your baby as well. HERE is a list of a few. If you want to soothe your baby, I recommend singing a slower, softer song with smooth phrases. Here are some examples:


This is a great Christmas musical activity for children (0-6 years). It is short and easy. Share it with a friend. #LightTheWorld
This is a short easy lullaby. You can see that this sweet baby (my friend’s child) has just woken from a nap and wants to play more than snuggle. Haha!
You know when your own baby is ready to calm down. Enjoy!

Baby Music and Me

Baby Music and Me is an online resource to learn music to sing with your young child. The course is found on this website, where you will find videos grouped by theme and age group. You can also find “Music and Me” on Youtube and Facebook. We occasionally have live group lessons on Zoom or Facebook Live. See the “Music and Me” Facebook Events for the next class time. For a full list of courses CLICK HERE.

To learn more about the above lullabies:

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