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Parenting With God – Online Course

I am glad you are taking this course. Throughout the coursework, if you remain open and teachable, you will feel more love from God (which will result in you having more love to give to your family), you will be reassured in your abilities as an extraordinary parent during difficult times (which will result in a calm confidence in your parenting), and your relationship with our loving Heavenly Father will improve (which will result in custom guidance in your life on a daily basis).

Learn From My Mistakes

One afternoon, when my first child was about 18 months, we went to the park for an hour or so. My limited parenting skills were put to the test as an unknown preschooler came out of nowhere, walked over to my daughter and bit her on the shoulder! I have reflected on my response for years and years. I made a mistake I hope you don’t repeat.

Let me backup. Growing up, I was often the peacemaker. There was the occasional conflict among us kids and it seemed like it was often my job to solve the problem by calming the stormy waters. As was my habit, when this little stranger attacked my innocent daughter, my immediate reaction was to keep the peace. I giggled a little, asked sweetly if the aggressor was okay, excused his behavior and reassured the family to not worry about us. I hadn’t even checked my daughter’s shoulder yet!

A Parent’s Job

A parent’s job is different from that of a sister. My job was to protect my daughter, not to ooze with syrupy apologies in order to smooth everything over. Sure, I am glad I didn’t loose my temper. But, I should have found a balance in between the two. At least my attention should have been on my own daughter’s wellbeing and not on helping the older guilty party feel pleased as punch.

In teaching you very important truths of parenting, I am not going to hold anything back. I have been known to tip-toe around the tulips of people’s differing situations and opinions. Well, I am not going to be your sweet friend anymore. I am going to be your teacher. 

You need this class. Your kids are growing up too fast. There isn’t time to figure things out. Just let me help you with a few essentials. Also, there is too much at stake. Your kids deserve the best parent and childhood starting today.  Their future depends on it.

I know that you will be happier in the long run if you improve in your parenting now, instead of being told fluffy flattering words “lulling you away into security…” God chastises those He loves. So, I am sorry if I offend you. Get over it and get better. 

At the same time, be your own best friend. You can’t depend on someone else building you up when you deserve it. I can’t customize my lectures or feedback to your exact situation in an online course. If you want customized instruction or feedback, email me. If you are already doing great in one or all the areas we discuss in this class, then pat yourself on the back and keep it up. 

God is a Better Teacher Than I Am

Judge what I teach with wisdom and honesty. You can do even better than I have done. The very best judge is the Lord. Ask HIM how you are doing and what you can do to improve. He knows you better than I do, even better than you know yourself. Your children are very blessed to have a parent who guides them with purpose and courage. 

What IS your purpose?

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Kristin’s How to Pray Course (Free series of videos).

More about Kristin

Kristin A. Shaeffer is an expert teacher. She strives to exemplify faith in all she does especially in her parenting. Kristin lives in greater Salt Lake City, Utah. She and her husband, Duncan, raised 5 kids, who are very different from each other. (The youngest is a teenager.) Each are successfully pursuing their individual academic, family, and professional goals.

Kristin grew up in Mesa, Arizona as the oldest of eleven children. She has a degree in elementary education from Brigham Young University. Along with teaching online courses, she is founder of and juggles community, church, and family projects. Her favorite activity with her husband and children is camping. 

She describes herself as, “A great mom who makes mistakes, avoids cleaning, and can’t get-it-all-done. LIKE YOU, I am extraordinarily blessed with a great family, and opportunities to make a positive difference in this world – one day at a time.”

As an enrolled student in this course you will be given Kristin’s email address which is a real gift because she, like you, is busy, but welcomes your questions and responses to assignments.