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Toddlers are People too – What is a Toddler?

A Toddler is…

A toddler is a child who is mobile and beginning to talk. Toddlerhood is the developmental stage between being a baby and a preschooler. Parenting a toddler is very different than parenting a baby because:

  • A toddler is mobile! A toddler can crawl, then walk, and soon run!
  • A toddler starts to talk.
  • A toddler has opinions. One way he/she exercises this will is by sometimes refusing food.
  • A toddler has a real need to learn new things.

Why does a Toddler Need Quality Interaction with His/Her Parents?

You need to understand YOUR toddler, who is unique to any other toddler that ever lived. You need to let your child experiment and learn in safe ways. You need to help your toddler develop confidence. One way to do this is to challenge him in safe interesting ways to HIM. Dr. Rebecca Chicot suggests that parents: 

  • Give lots of love and warmth to their toddler.
  • Set boundaries and stick to them.
  • Be emotionally present. 
  • Provide a secure and sensitive base from which to explore the world. 

(Chicot, Rebecca PhD, “What is a Toddler”, Essential Parent,

Watch THIS 15 minute minicourse “How to Have a Happy Toddler.”

“As you get to know your toddler and understand his motives and view of the world, you will quickly become the expert on your toddler. Feel empowered and confident enough to enjoy the ride that is toddlerhood.”

You are a great parent! Savor these wonderful years. This is the greatest work you will ever do. I believe in you!

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