Curt and the School Fall Fundraiser

September 9, 2016

Curt and Sally
Curt and Sally

Curt is abnormally mature about the fall fundraiser this year. Is it because he has heard me complain so many times about having to buy pricey chocolates or coupon books? Regardless, it seems like we have reversed roles all of sudden.

“Will you help me read this, Mom, I don’t understand it.” He showed me a bright orange paper that read:

The concept for the fundraiser is to make a donation instead of spending time selling/distributing gift-wrap or cookie dough to family and friends. Because 100% of the proceeds stay with the school… EVERY student that returns a signed donation card will receive a SUPER-SIZED CANDY!”

(I have been a PTA president before, I have been a mom for 23 years. THIS is a dream fundraiser! YEAH! So, I began to explain to Curt the concept and he interrupted me.)

“Why a super=sized candy? You don’t really think that it is a good idea for a school to be giving out candy, do you?” What?! Am I talking to a kid or a grandpa?

Honey, it is just an incentive to get people to donate money to support the school.

“Don’t pay a lot, though, Mom.”

Why do you say that? I would much rather make a donation that I know stays with the school instead of an over-priced mug.

“Well, just pay a dollar.”

I’ll pay $20.00 this time.

“$20.00!!! For a candy bar? I think $20 is a lot of money!” This kid cracks me up.

No, I would pay $20 for a coupon book. This time I will pay $20 and the whole amount will go towards your awesome education. I should probably pay more. What do you think the school will use the money on?

“New pencils, scissors, after school clubs, buying a new volleyball or something.” He says this while taking apart a pen at the breakfast table.

Curt, you know you have those cool Chromebook laptops this year and they are not cheap.

“Ya! I am very glad I have one.” He somehow shoots the casing off the pen over his cereal bowl and reaches to get it.

Well, I’m glad we can donate a little bit toward education and I am glad that we can afford to donate without worrying about it, so I don’t want you to worry either, okay? (Believe me. He has long stopped worrying about it, since he has now perfected the spring, shaft and clip to launch the pen parts across the room.

“Cool, huh? Mom.” Man! I love boys!

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