Curt is Back-to-School

Aug 3, 2016

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School is back in session. EARLY start, I know. Today is the third day back. So, it is the first year of middle school for Curt, which has been very exciting! In his usual fashion, he showed a mature heart this morning while we were saying goodbye in the carport. He stood there beside his bike about to take off.

“Mom, are you lonely when I go off to school?” (I am sure that most kids figure that moms don’t have anything to do when they are not there, but most don’t care enough to wonder and especially to voice concern.)

Well, no, because I usually go straight to the seminary building.


I DO miss you, but I have a lot to do, like yesterday I stayed home a while and finished the stitching on J.D.’s quilt so we could take down the quilt blocks…

(interupting) “Mom- I gotta go, so I can’t wait for you to tell me all that stuff.”

I chuckled to myself. ‘Man Alive, he is growing up!’ He sped off on his bike – turned with a big smile and waved on more time. Isn’t that mature of him? … to think of how I am feeling (at his age, with all his worries and excitement…quite rare). He’s a keeper.

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