Curt’s Lament

After "harvesting" a batch of chickens a few years ago.
After “harvesting” a batch of chickens a few years ago.

Curt, I have decided that we should take apart the chicken coop and throw it away. (You may be thinking, “I WANT A CHICKEN COOP!” In which case, you are welcome to it. It is a heavy dilapidated structure that the kids and I sank some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease into. It is ugly, and not currently functional, but sure was good for us for a few years. I LOVED HAVING CHICKENS. You can have it if you come and get it, but I wouldn’t recommend going to the trouble. It would be way funner and easier, frankly, for you and your kids to build your own.)

“Are we never going to have chickens again?” Curt sadly replied.

Well, not unless I stop teaching seminary (which is my focus besides the kids and Dunc) or we have an emergency where we NEED to raise our own eggs.

“How long will you be teaching seminary?”

I think it will be a long time, Curt. (As I said this my heart started beating in an excited kind of way. This is one way the Spirit manifests itself to me. It is hard to describe, but I knew at that moment that teaching seminary was exactly what the Lord wanted me to be doing and that I would indeed be doing it for a long time. My constant prayer is that I will do what the Lord wants me to do.)

“Will you still be teaching it when I am in high school?”

I am sure I will be, unless I teach somewhere else at some point.

“You better not stop like you did Cub Scouts.”

What do you mean, “stop” Cub Scouts?

“You were a committee chair and cub master the whole time Adam was in cubs and quit when I became a wolf.” (His eyes are getting moist.)

Do you think I quit?

“Well, you were called to be something ELSE.”

Right. I didn’t “quit.” I was asked to fulfill another assignment by the bishop.

“Is that when you were called to be seminary teacher?”

I was asked to be Ward Food Storage Specialist for a few months and then called to be the seminary teacher.

“Adam is so lucky.”


“Because he got to spend so much time with you in cub scouts and now in seminary! I want to be with you more. You better be my seminary teacher.”

Curt. (I give him a big hug.) I LOVE being with you. Tonight is our date, right? I am so excited for that! (Curt has been wanting to take me out to get an Animal Burger or something at In&Out.) Some guys don’t want to be with their mom so much.

“Ya, but they don’t have YOU as their mom. I love you, Mom!”

(Big hugs again. and again. and some kisses too…)

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