Dream about Duncan

So, this is so funny! Guys reading this wouldn’t see what the big deal is, but just in case sharing this would bother Duncan, I am going to say that most guys would probably do the exact same thing that I dreamt Duncan did. Women, on the other hand, would possibly handle the situation differently.

Real life scenario: I make Curt’s lunch – meat and cheese on whole wheat bread, grapes, and an oatmeal cookie, Dunc makes Curt’s lunch – 4 brownies and 2 oatmeal cookies. I am NOT kidding! So here is my dream:

Evidently we had invited the ward/our congregation over for lunch after church. Duncan, to not have to compromise his plan by telling it to me, quickly RUSHED home after church and made hundreds of peanut butter and goober grape jelly sandwiches on dry airy cheap white bread. As he quickly ushered everyone into our back yard, covered with bed sheets, he handed them a pile of these sandwiches.

I was mortified, but “grateful for his help.” He really was hoping that everyone would hurry up and eat and leave. Much to my dismay everyone DID choke down their sandwiches and then proceeded to take their Sunday afternoon nap in our backyard….

Weird (like most dreams) and so funny!

“Why do I think this is so funny?” I can just hear Duncan asking. I think the dream is funny BECAUSE, I invite people over to enjoy their company, not to get it over with. AND, I admit, I am prideful. I would have fixed my best food, put up a sea of tables and chairs, cleaned for a week, etc. etc. etc.

Dunc is right, compared to his plans, I always do things the hard way. Sei la vee. (I have no idea how to spell that correctly, but Duncan would.)

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