Jesus Christ HAS and WILL Come

by J.D. Shaeffer

Speaking of the First Vision, Joseph Smith said, “Truly this is a day long to be remembered… a day in which the God of heaven has begun to restore the ancient order of His kingdom to bring about the completion of the fullness of the Gospel… to prepare the earth for the return of His glory,” (emphasis added).
It’s marvelous to remember these few truths:
1) Heavenly Father and/or Jesus Christ can visit us physically, if they so please.

2) Christ had His kingdom upon the earth at a time, and it’s returning to us as we speak (the Restoration continues).

3) He is coming soon to present Himself in His full glory, and we need to be prepared.

These are bits of truth that I know are plain and simple. My word on this? There is genius in your mind that He needs. Believe that! God’s kingdom is not fully prepared for His coming, and you can contribute immensely to that. Be creative in finding what that is that you can contribute. I promise you that a plan will come to you if you have a burning desire and faith to accomplish great things.