Mistakes Make Life a Bit More Interesting

by J.D. Shaeffer

Hey there.

I think you’re pretty cool. Here’s a scripture:

“…Continue in patience until ye are perfected.” (D&C 67:13)

I know you’re not perfect or anything, so I apologize if you ever felt that I judged you for something I didn’t know about. Being perfect is overrated, anyways. That can wait.

Speaking of perfect, it’s really starting to come to my attention that perfectionism is seriously a bad predicament. Not only does it feed anxiety and depression quite readily, but it mocks Christ just a bit. Not to sound harsh, of course, but it really does ignore the purpose of Christ’s wonderful sacrifice. He had zero plans for us to be perfect (free from mistake, free from max progression) while we are here on the Earth. He 100% meant for that to be in the next life.

I believe that to be true.

Like I said, I think you’re pretty cool. Being perfect is overrated. You can wait for it.

Besides, making mistakes makes life a bit more interesting.

2 thoughts on “Mistakes Make Life a Bit More Interesting”

  1. Kay Shaeffer Zulanas

    Thank you for this thought, JD!!! What you wrote is so important, and I needed to be reminded of this today. You’re right, the trouble of being perfect can wait!

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