Shaeffer Photo Contest 2017

Winners of our second annual family photo contest were:

J.D. for submitting the most photos (375). CASH PRIZE of $20
Adam for submitting the second most photos (369). CASH PRIZE of $10
Chuck for funniest photos ($5):

Duncan sporting a fake mustache the kids gave him for his 51st birthday.

Clark Jumping at Fossil Creek

J.D. for best selfie ($5):
J.D. hiking in a canyon at sunrise.

Kay for photo with the most of us in it ($5):
A quick snap when we were all together at Kay and Chuck’s wedding

Kay for best photo with Sally, our dog, in it ($5):
Sally at Kay and Chuck’s Ring Ceremony

My kids LOVED the bigger CASH PRIZES this year, which were worth it since I didn’t have a camera all year and wanted to have the photos they had been taking with their devices.